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Please Help Keep Our Loved Ones and Animals Safe

Providing devices to instantly locate missing loved ones and financial support for No-Kill Animal Shelters

GPS Units for Loved Ones










Every 40 seconds a child disappears in the United States.  While some of them are voluntary (runaways, etc.), some are not.  Adults with medical conditions wander off everyday, creating panic and anxiety for the family.  Pets run away.  .

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Your donation will enable us to provide a GPS tracker unit to families that want an extra layer of protection for their children, pets, or family members with medical challenges.  These special units can be placed in a backpack or clipped to the belt. They can be programmed to silently alert a parent or guardian when the patient, pet, or child possessing a device leaves pre-programmed boundaries or exceeds a certain speed. What this means is if the unthinkable happens and your child is abducted or a medical patient wanders off, or your pet runs off, as soon as they leave the programmed area you will get an alert. Then, you can log on to the internet and see exactly where the medical patient, pet or child/device is. Your donations help protect our children, pets, and those that wander off. Please donate today.

No-kill Animal Shelters

Every 8 seconds an animal is euthanized.  No Kill shelters require consistent support.  Every day across America there are shelters that are in desperate need of donations.  These donations go towards food, heat, shelter, medications and staff.

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They are round-the-clock operations that need your help. Volunteering your time or donating as little as $1 dollar can mean so much. Please donate today.

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Please help us save lives.  Your donation will make a difference.